Maxwell Corporation Case Study

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The President of Maxwell Corporation was considering whether the Company should set up its own distribution system or to outsource the entire distribution and logistics functions to a third party service provider.
The Company had set up a manufacturing plant in Vizag where a wide range of orthopedic equipments like the crutches, wheel chairs, heating pads, elastic bandages etc. were manufactured. Presently, the finished goods warehouse was located at Vizag itself and the products were sent to all major towns in India as a point to point dispatch.
The Company was supplying these equipments direscly to
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Southwest airlines has the best customer service record in the airline industry and has won the Industry’s record in the airline industry’s “triple crown” for its best baggage handling, best on time performance, and best complaint statistics many years in row.
Observing this, it is clear that all of its marketing mix and direct marketing approach with no intermediaries had contributed to the successful market position.
Southwest airlines use its people and the customers very effectively to communicate its position. Employees are unionized yet they are trained to have fun allowed to define what “fun” means and given authority to do what it takes to make flights lighthearted and enjoyable. People are hired for their attitudes, technical skills and are trained.
The service delivery process reinforces its position. There are no assigned seats on the aircraft (by the agents, thereby avoiding the intermediate channel) so passengers line up and are herded for their seats. The airline does not transfer baggage and food is not served.
In all, the process is standardized, low cost allowing for low fares.
Southwest airline’s easy to use website is yet another form of consistent, tangible evidence that supports the airline’s strong positioning.
The consistent positioning using the services marketing mix reinforces the unique image in the customer’s mind, giving Southwest airlines its high value position, which has resulted

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