Maya And The Ancient Civilizations

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To this day, historians still discuss when exactly the Maya civilizations started but the most commonly accepted date is 1800 BCE in the Soconusco Region. Unlike other Mesoamerican civilizations, Maya was not confined to one area of land but rather stretched out over Central America. To historians today, the Maya civilization reached its peak during the Classic Period between AD 250 and 900. At its peak, the Maya population was over 2,000,000 people. Excavations of Mayan cities have uncovered plazas, temples, pyramids, ball playing courts, and even art. The peak of this civilization is considered to have occurred when the Mayans started to carve and produce beautiful low relief steles. The Stele in Figure 1 from the late Classic Maya period is an example of a low relief stele that the Mayans were so known for. Steles are generally made from wood or stone and are taller than the average human. They were erected as a monumental object for either commutative or funerary purposes. In Mesoamerica, the first steles were first seen from the Olmec’s; Mesoamerican civilization that existed between 1200 to 400 BCE. Maya Steles are typically carved in low relief in stone with a base altar; a base that typically had the name or some sort of offering to the figure in the stele. It was in the peak of the Mayan civilization, the Classic period, AD 250-900, which the steles were predominantly employed. The Maya people used steles mainly in the Classic period (AD 250-900) within their peak
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