Maya Angelo Essay

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If I could have the honor of meeting that one person it would be Maya Angelo. She was an inspirational and phenomenal woman of her decade. Not only was she an actress and poet, she was a mother too. Maya Angelo was a beautiful black woman in her time that stood for what was just. She experienced slavery, and even endured it. Her legacy and history is passed on through many of her books like “I know why the caged bird sings”, or through her poems such as “A raisin in the sun” and “phenomenal woman”. Thanks to her tenacity and considerateness this younger generation that I am growing up in can visit the past time and time again through her magnificent writings. Maya Angelo style of writing was very different from the many black authors…show more content…
Her words always leave me in deep thought while stimulating my brain. Maya Angelo’s readings are full of advice and wisdom that comes from a woman who is three times my age. That’s priceless information, Right? I can remember when I was an even younger girl growing up in grade school and in church. Every time there was a talent show or some major event where one would have to stand in front of a crowd and prove themselves. I would always choose one of Maya Angelo’s sassy, tongue-twisting poems that was sure to get the audience excited and involved. One thing my sister and I were sure of was that choosing a selection by Ms. Angelo we couldn’t go wrong or embarrassed. In my opinion, Maya Angelo is a strong and witty African-American woman who blessed the world with her thoughts through different writing pieces. She is a role model to me, because she speaks the truth. Maya Angelo has been the winner of the Noble Peace Prize and is a renowned best-selling author. I say ask anyone about her and they will know of her, or at least her writings. I would defiantly love the opportunity to meet Maya Angelo to really try and pick her brain. I would ask her how she endured the hard times, or what her inspiration as a young woman growing up was. I would even try and ease a few personal informal questions in such as, what did you do for fun on a Friday night, or what was your dream career. I could only imagine how delighted, encouraged and uplifted I would feel
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