Maya Angelou And Toni Morrison Comparison

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This paper examines the feminist thoughtsas depicted in the works of black female writers, Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison. Both carry the common theme of describing the black woman and their sufferings in their novelsBeloved and I know why the caged bird sings. Both the writers handle a common feminist criticism. The silence, passivity and resistance of women protagonists are seen active of the feminist criticism.
This paper deals with the concern of celebrating feminism. The representatives of this act with the causes and effects are discussed in detail with a special reference to the novels of Maya Angelouand Toni Morrison. African American women’s writing and its impact in the society are immense. The twentieth century has been a revolutionary era for the African American literature because many women writers contributed to the growth of feminist writings during this century. These black writers expressed themselves and created a deep impact on the African American, literary arena. The works of these women writers reflect
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The black literature portrayedonly the darker plot unless prominent writes like Toni Morrison, who has depicted the lives of black characters and cultures who struggle with identity, racism and hostility, Langston Hughes, a founder of Harlem Renaissance and Maya Angelou, chronicled her life through her autobiographies, evoke. They aimed for expressing their experiences with happy note. Modernism has paved the way for it. Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison are the protagonist of their novels representing themselves as the victim of feminist criticism. Both the writers share a common episodes and characters that were central in the author’s journey towards self-discovery and maturity. These writers celebrate feminism and use it as a tool in the struggles of African American black women
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