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Maya Angelou on the Determination of The Oppressed Throughout History
Maya Angelou was a poet whose life mirrored the lives of many oppressed people throughout history. Angelou, a Civil Rights activist, advocated during the time of the Civil Rights Movement to raise the resources that allowed Martin Luther King Jr. to arrange the movements against the cruelty of the Jim Crow Laws and she protested along with others calling for an end to racism according to John Nichols (3). Angelou often focused on the oppressor in her literary works and was able to relate to the lives of those who struggled to be seen and heard in society. Angelou wrote poetry to express her emotions about how hard oppressed people, especially African Americans, were fighting for justice and equality. Angelou’s use of repetition, personal pronouns, and symbolism in “Still I Rise”, “No, No, No, No”, and “On The Pulse of Morning” respectively illustrate the determination that oppressed people possessed during their fight against inequality throughout history.
Angelou’s “Still I Rise” emphasizes the determination that oppressed people, specifically African
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According to Hagen, the personal pronouns “You” and “me” in the poem are used frequently to promote the message of unity among all people (7). In lines 97-98, the speaker states “Here, on the pulse of this fine day / You may have the courage / To look up and out upon me,” (Angelou). According to Elaine Slivinski Lisandrelli, “You” is being used to represent the oppressors who have oppressed any American for a long period of time and “me” is representative of all of the oppressed who have been abused by their oppressors and represents how they are determined to be seen as equals in society since people “are more alike than unalike” than they think
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