Maya Angelou Hardships

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Hardships Cause Growth
“A Rock, A River, [and] A Tree”(1) are three objects mentioned in Maya Angelou’s poem spoken at Bill Clinton’s inauguration ceremony, “On The Pulse Of Morning.” These objects remain through all of Earth’s history to represent our past and future. Sunlight is used to represent the unified future that is to come in this poem, and shadow is used to represent hatred, and ignorance. The title of the poem refers to this improved future, represented by a sunrise, which begins to portray the motif of light and shadow throughout the poem. When we are approached by this new beginning, we have the “space to place new steps of change”(98). She wants to eliminate all discrimination and ignorance in our future. Maya Angelou also wrote a memoir, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, which carries out the theme of progress and advancement. Throughout her life you can see her rise through all of the hardships she faces, such as racism and rape. Rape is not discussed in the
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This displays her intolerance to anybody hiding behind their actions. The world is full of ignorance and hatred and if you are spreading these “do not hide your face”(24). This view is very contrary to the way she acted in court as a young girl. She lied about what she had done with Mr. Freeman to keep him and herself out of trouble instead of further exposing him. She was clearly terrified after the rape she survived at such a young age, but her actions were still shocking considering how differently she would have acted just years later. The reason for this could be her increase in self confidence. Towards the beginning of her memoir, she wishes she would wake up from her “black ugly dream”(2), so she could be a pretty white girl. Racism destroyed her confidence, but it is built up again throughout her life. The increase in her self worth causes her to be less tolerant to others’
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