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In regards to Maya Angelou’s life, she said: “If we lose love and self respect for one another, this is how we finally die”("Maya Angelou Quotes" 2018). This was seen throughout her body of work. Maya was known for her eye catching work and the effort she put forth into it. She became known by writers and professionals, and was seen to be involved in the civil rights movement ( “Maya Angelou is born.” 2018). Maya Angelou has celebrated her diversity in life and work through poetry using clear repetition and symbolism. The United States first female African American Poet Laureate was Maya Angelou("Poetry Foundation" 2018). She was born on April 4,1928 in St. Louis Missouri. However, in her early life Maya had extreme family problems ("Maya…show more content…
In the poem the free bird lives wistfully and free, but the cage bird lives behind metal bars raging for freedom. Maya gives us details and clues about how the birds feel and live. In stanza three lines twenty through twenty three the poet uses repetition to show us how the dark, depressed bird only longs to be free like the wistful bird. The bird expresses its feelings through singing on a hilltop. It says, “...on the distant hill for the caged bird sings of freedom.” It repeats the same lines in stanza six lines thirty-six through thirty-nine. Also in the poem, Maya used symbolism to convey how the dark bird is in oppression, stuck behind closed doors, and unable to free itself. In stanza five lines twenty-seven through thirty it says, “But a caged bird stands on the grave of dreams his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream his wings are clipped and his feet are tied so he opens his throat to sing.” Overall, Maya Angelou revealed her story and how she felt through the intricate words of this poem. Her emotions are evident and are described through the persecution of the bird in a very intriguing

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