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A Brave Woman Around “10,000 people including four US presidents attended the six-hour funeral of civil rights” (Waldron, 2006, p.7): Coretta Scott King. “King was an outspoken opponent of injustices ranging from capitol punishments to apartheid in South Africa” (Goodman, 2008). She was a great supporter of everyone’s rights. King was a brave woman who went through lots of hard challenges in her life and somehow always found a way to get up and keep moving forward to continue her fight for justice. Coretta had many speakers at her funeral (Waldron, 2006, p.7), but one that really stood out was her best friend Maya Angelou. “Maya Angelou was an esteemed poet, author, dancer, actress, and singer who was born in St. Louis, Missouri on April 4, 1928 (Behr, 2014). In the eulogy that was published in 2008 Angelou talked about the beliefs of King, the human beings she cared for, and memorable moments they spent together. She gave a very effective speech, starting off by singing in a way that connected with her audience, used pathos, and humor. One reason Angelou’s speech was effective was through the connection she made with her audience. Angelou opened and closed her speech by bursting heartily and soulfully into what sounded like a hymnal song. (Angelou, 2008) The musical addition added a spiritual element to not just her talk, but to the entire funeral. It was a church song that not only connected to the religious people, but everyone else in the audience. For instance,

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