Maya Civilization

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The Maya Civilization dates to the pre-class period which spans a near 2,000 years (Foster 2005). Their traditions and their way of life and practices like monumental ceremonies and city centers endured from 600 B.C.E until 1524 when the Spanish conquest occurred and the Mayan civilization soon after came to a collapse (Foster 2005). The Maya civilization at its traditional prime, primarily began its uprising around the middle Pre-classical period which was around 1000 B.C.E. through 300 C.E. and transitioned into its flourishing in the Classic Period which was around 250-900C.E. (Foster 2005). The Maya region inhabited areas which are modern day nations like Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Chiapas, and other regions. This gives a good picture on how large the Mayan region was when they were primarily active but of course, there are still Mayan people who are alive and well. An interesting subject that comes up in the Mayan culture are their practices in health and medicine. The use of Mayan medicinal practices has been in use since the rise of the Mayan civilization and continues today. This essay will discuss what kinds of Mayan medicines are used when it comes to different situations and healings. Primarily discussing on the health related medicinal practices such as herbal healers and the kinds of medicinal practices they used. Further discussing the connection between Mayan healers and the Gods and their connection with medicinal healing, discussing the
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