Mayan Architecture And The Mayan Civilization

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Mayan Architecture Represented Through Their Beautiful Art The Mayan civilization is identified for many significant accomplishments, one of those significant accomplishments is their architecture. The Mayan civilization was capable of building massive structures such as; palaces, temples and pyramids. Each Mayan pyramids is dedicated to a deity. The Mayans were also known for their art, their developed writing, astronomical and mathematical systems, and supernatural beliefs. One of the major sites of the Mayan civilizations is Tikal. Tikal is a Mayan city in the rainforest of Guatemala. Tikal consist several major pyramids build by the Mayans, the Mayan buildings were made out of limestones, mortar, and stucco was used on the exterior of the buildings which were also decorated. For example, in Figure 1 we can appreciate a painting done on a stucco vase, this image would probably be similar to the ones made on the building walls, in this painting we can appreciate another example of their buildings and the art decorating the walls of those buildings. The scene on the painting most likely takes place at a palace, the walls of that palace are covered with colorful Mayan art. In the painting shown in figure 1, there is four men, one could be a ruler standing wearing a headpiece of a bird, the ruler is holding some sort of fan or banner, we can also appreciate a second person standing behind the ruler, that second person seems to also be wearing a headpiece, we cannot

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