Mayan Beauty Essay

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Script- Good morning. Today I will be telling you about the Mayan concepts of beauty, and how it affected their daily life. The Mayan people valued beauty very much, and every social class tried to meet the preconceived ideas of beauty in Mayan times. Many concepts that seem strange to us now in modern times, were considered beautiful in Mayan times. Many of the beauty concepts came from the Maize God. The Maize God was a very important god to the Mayan people, as he represented a very crucial crop to their survival – maize (British Museum, n.d.). The ideal look included an extended forehead, slight crossed-eyes, teeth filed to points, with inlays of jewels and stones, ears, nose and lips pierced and bodies tattooed and painted (Donn, L. n.d.).…show more content…
The wish to be beautiful was passed on from parents to child, with the parents trying to mould their child from just days old into a more beautiful person. A newborn baby would have a flat board attached to the front and back of their heads to extended their foreheads. They would shape the babies heads why they were still soft and could be moulded. The pressure increased each day for about a week until the process was complete. Another way the Maya changed their skull shape was by biding their heads (Archaeological Institute of America, 2009). About 90% of Mayans had extended foreheads (historyonthenet, 2014). This shows that it must have been a very big fashion, or else over 90% of people wouldn’t have gone to the effort of extending their foreheads, especially since parents did it to their children. The Mayan people loved and admired the Maize God, and this also reflected in their fashion, as it is believed the Mayans found extended foreheads attractive because it reflected a corn cob (historyonthenet, 2014). This affected the daily life of the Maya, as people who did not have an extended forehead, as they would have been outcast for not being attractive and different. The evidence suggests that the Maya did value beauty, enough to change their appearance from just days
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