Mayan Culture vs. the Seven Dimensions of Religion

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Mayan Culture vs. the Seven Dimensions of Religion Since the dawn of humanity, human beings have been contemplating the meaning of life, searching for answers to make sense of their existence. Even ancient people tried to answer the same taunting questions about their purpose on earth and the questions about the world, which people nowadays search for. Thus, in seeking the answers, ancient people created religions, usually based on their understanding of cosmology. Cosmology is a general understanding of the nature of the universe and it usually served as a base to every ancient religion. Primal people lived and depended on nature and its gifts, thus their cosmology revolved around the harmony with nature. They tried to conserve the…show more content…
Thus, they believed that the heavenly bodies needed human help, which was provided through sacred rituals such as self-mutilation, bloodletting, and human sacrifice. To the Maya, offering this help was the price that had to be paid for the continued survival of the universe. According to this myth, the Maya people preformed and interpreted their rituals. Moreover, doctrinal dimension is intertwined with the experiential and the mythic because it shows how the myths and the religious beliefs affect people’s reaction to an even. The Maya believed that gods will rage and even punish people if a ritual is preformed in a wrong way, and this belief was based on their myths, and the belief and the myths led them to experience fear during an event. Furthermore, ethics and rituals of the Maya religion and culture were demonstrated in that scene. Maya people believe that it was natural to perform self-mutilation, bloodletting, and human sacrifice. These offerings were simply the price to be paid for the continued survival of the universe. Thus, they considered it to be a common ritual which was considered ethical and the death from such ritual was considerate as a privilege. Furthermore, in the film, the horrid sacrifice scene is a public affair where all the citizens come to watch. It displays the social dimension of religion, where people gather to perform a ritual and celebrate their beliefs. Lastly, the material dimension is shown through
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