Mayan Painting Artist At Bonampak

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Scott Castruita Art Appreciation Deborah Gustlin Dec 8, 2014 Mayan Mural Painter at Bonampak My name is Scott Castruita and I live in Gilroy and I am 26 years old. Being an art student, I have learned that artist reflect certain aspects of their community while preparing any artistic product. This trend has been in existence for a long time ever since the discovery of art in ancient communities. However, I must admit that most of us in the modern communities do not appreciate art to the extent that it deserves. In order to understand and appreciate art, people must have knowledge of its place in time. As such, I took an initiative of unraveling the Mayan Mural Painter at Bonampak by investigating various aspects of the Maya community in order to understand their art. In my research, I have discovered that the Maya people represent some of the most renowned communities in relation to culture and artistic expressions. Living in the southern Mexico and northern Central America, the Maya people consist of group of communities with shared cultural values and heritage (Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian 1). Considering the close relation of communities comprising the Maya people, patterns of widely acceptable practices can be easily identified hence the community culture. In my research, I have learned that there is close relations between cultural values exhibited by the community and the artistic expressions. It is for this reason that most artifacts

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