Essay on Maybelline New York Brand Analysis

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I. Product(s) name Short stumpy lashes are the bane of almost every Asian girl's life. They tend to point downwards and smudge your mascara, and they lack the drama of foreign women's winged wonders. Now Maybelline Long Extreme Mascara focused heavily on their lashes. The product features an elastic formula that stretches lashes, and is infused with vitamin B-5 formula that conditions and shines. The product's name can be easily recognized and understood. The name stands for the functions that the mascara can last a long day and stay curl without weighing down lashes. The secret of this mascara's spellbinding length and remarkable staying power lies in a combination of a unique new formula and an innovative dual-step application …show more content…
Innovation is being focused on mascara, as illustrated by Maybelline’s Great Lash Big Mascara, which promises a contoured brush with fibers that are longer and thicker to help accentuate lashes. Consumers are craving more intense color and volume, and mascara manufacturers are delivering. In addition, Maybelline's makeup in the Chinese mainland sales exceeded 10 million RMB, the sale of the Mainland again ranked first makeup brand, while at the same time the Mainland was first ascended Maybelline sales second in the world market, behind only the United States market. ii. Setting Goals
1. Increase the brand's penetration among teens and women 18 to 30. This age group was seen as trend-setting and opinion-leading in beauty, style, and fashion. This influence group can almost guaranteed a desirability for the brand. In addition, focusing on the trend of aging and men's market.
2. Strengthen the brand's Face and Color businesses. The growth potential for Maybelline in this area was significant. Success in the Face segment would give Maybelline competitive leverage against Cover Girl.
3. Maintain the brand's historical strength in Eyes. In this segment, Maybelline already dominated. It enjoyed a heritage of innovation in mascara, where its Great Lash had been the leader for many years. The job now was to keep that position by enhancing the brand image.
IV. The Branding Process Internally
i. Localization Most Chinese women like skin
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