Maycie Morgan. Awhonn Statement. Midwives Assist Women

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Maycie Morgan AWHONN Statement Midwives assist women with a majority of their reproductive needs, and midwifery is becoming more prominent in the United States. Midwives provide a variety of cares in a variety of settings. They assist women with individualized and evidence-based care; similar to nurses. Obstetric nurses and midwives preform a lot of the same skills for a pregnant or postpartum woman. It is important for nurses to recognize and respect midwifery because it is the woman’s right to choose her provider and plan of care. Obstetric nurses will possibly have to work with a midwife and support them in the hospital setting. Midwives are educated and have a scope of practice that can easily overlap with nursing practice, so…show more content…
Midwives are able to work in homes, clinics, and hospitals but there are risks of childbirth at home. If complications arise outside of the midwives’ abilities, providers in the hospital must be contacted (AWHONN Executive Board, 2016). This is another situation where interprofessional care would be incorporated. Some see midwives as specialized nurses, but others would like them to be a separate profession. Midwives do typically work independently to help women through childbirth and other situations (Carla, 2016). Midwives already have a lot of autonomy, so it comes down to them being directed by doctors or not. Carla (2016) recognizes that some midwives are perfectly fine with being considered a specialist nurse. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not midwifery should be branch of nursing. In some situations, they are considered a “separate profession” with their “own regulatory body” (Carla, 2016, p. 32). In either situation, it is important to note their autonomy and scope of practice. There are current standards for the education of midwives, as there should be. They have to go through certain education, certification, and licensure before they can start practicing (AWHONN Executive Board, 2016). However, there are differences in these and the authority of midwives throughout the United States. There are different classifications of midwives that go through different licensure. Examples of this would be certified nurse-midwives, certified

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