Maycomb’s Courageous Dead Shot Maycomb’s Courageous Dead Shot Maycomb's Courageous Dead Shot

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Maycomb’s Courageous Dead Shot In Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird, Jem and Scout Finch learn the true meaning of courage through their father, Atticus, and his fight against racism in their hometown. In the beginning of the novel, Jem and Scout view Atticus as a boring older man that works in an office and does not deserve their admiration. At the turning point of the novel Miss Maudie tells them their father was once the “deadest shot” in Maycomb, and the children finally see Atticus as a role model. Jem and Scout learn from Atticus the true meaning of courage and their views of Atticus differentiate from not understanding him and therefore not admiring him, to an exciting man with marksman skills, and ultimately to a …show more content…
This is significant because it shows Atticus being humble and how he recognizes he has these advantages over others, but does not boast or misuse them. When Miss Maudie states, “People in their right minds never take pride in their talents” (Lee 98) it is an example of how Atticus is humble about his skills and only uses them when they are needed. Once they realize their father’s personality, Jem and Scout change their beliefs in their father as well as viewing him as the gentleman they hope to resemble. When Atticus is appointed to Tom Robinson’s case he gives his best effort even though he knows there is little chance Tom Robinson will be found innocent because he is a black man who is putting his life in a white jury’s hands in a segregated town filled with racism. Atticus makes this choice to show his children true courage and the inequality of Maycomb. Jem and Scout view their father’s nervousness about his case in the statement, “Then he took off his glasses and wiped them, and we saw another ‘first’: we had never seen him sweat—he was one of those men whose faces never perspired, but now it was shining tan” (Lee 204-205). Despite his doubts, nervousness, fears, and struggles, which are encompassed in those few drops of sweat, there is courage that carries Atticus through it all. Atticus exemplifies what courage is when he expresses, “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.

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