Maycomb's Unusual Disease

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Maycomb’s ‘Unusual’ Disease
In the fictional town of Maycomb, Alabama, the residents seem to have all been infected by the same disease. Harper Lee, the author of the very famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, has used several ways of portraying this idea and is able to convince readers that her characters really do have some sort of ‘illness,’ an illness which affects people’s thoughts on how others should be treated. The novel highlights several issues including racism, childhood, injustice and more as Scout, the protagonist, reflects on her life in Maycomb as a child. She speaks about the inequalities of African Americans whilst explaining her thoughts about each issue. Though there are several main ideas which can be found throughout
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In his closing remarks in the courtroom, Atticus calmly explains that Mr. Ewell and his daughter have put so much confidence into the fact that the “gentlemen would go along with them on the evil assumption, that all Negroes lie… and all are basically immoral beings…” even though they are all aware that it is “a lie as black as Tom Robinson 's skin.”(Lee.20.210-211) Atticus aims to draw attention to the ‘elephant in the room’, that is, the racial discrimination in Maycomb. He implies that everyone went along with the Ewell’s story just because they believed that black people are automatically guilty and capable of all crimes. He goes on to say, “you know the truth: some Negros lie, some Negros are immoral…but this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men.” (Lee.20.211) Atticus’ statement highlights his perceptive that humans should be equally treated but not according to their race. He speaks to the entire courtroom as if it’s Maycomb, he doesn’t only see blacks as the evil ones and he believes in equality and tries his best to alert his neighbours of this ugly disease they have slipped into. His ability to stand before the entire court and identify their bad habit truly makes his character stand out and questions his capability to be so strong compared to the other narrow-minded
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