Mayo Clinic Case Management

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Mayo Clinic is a non-profit worldwide health care organization started in Rochester, Minnesota in U.S. However, now mayo clinic includes more than 70 hospitals and clinics across Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Wisconsin and Arizona and treat the patients from all over U.S and internationally. William Worrall Mayo is a surgeon who started Mayo Clinic at 1863 and later on his both sons who graduated from the medical school joined their father’s clinic respectively (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Mayo clinic proposes the high quality care to their patient’s since over 150 years through incorporated clinical practice, education and research. The core value of the organization is the need of patient comes first. Readiness of the health care organization in the next decade The Health care sector in all over world faces lot of new challenges and complexities. The factors facing challenges includes increase the demands in healthcare, increasing health care cost, shortages of health care professionals, quality of care, advance technology, inadequate access to community resources, aging population and economic instability. According to Affordable Care Act the healthcare systems required to provide low cost, high quality care to their patients (SJU, 2017). There is increase pressure on healthcare providers to lower costs. To improve the healthcare quality of care Mayo clinic has effectively prepared to meet the need through developing efficient systems. The organization is focusing on health
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