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Mayo Clinic Case Study International Marketing March 18, 2014 The Mayo Clinic Memo To: Marketing staff From: Ethan Robinson cc: All Mayo Clinic representatives Date: March 18, 2014 Re: New Marketing Research Strategy New Marketing Strategy Attention Staff: The information contained within this memo will immediately go into effect. It is the responsibility of all staff to represent the Mayo Clinic brand in a uniform and responsible way so that patients and all who enter the clinic have a very positive experience. Word of mouth marketing has been our strongest ally and serves as a very powerful tool. In order to create a cohesive marketing research design strategy this memorandum will outline specific…show more content…
In order to improve our sales so exceptionally in five years we must utilize specific market research strategies. We must continue to monitor patient satisfaction with studies to assess the perception of the care received. When surveying patients a high level of attention to detail should be maintained. International data collection can offer many challenges and thus the quality and structure of our satisfaction surveys must be markedly superior to ensure reliable information is returned. Word of mouth marketing has been an asset and that penetrates all cultures. Our cultural adaptability must remain a focus while conducting marketing research. The ultimate goal is to be THE choice of medical care internationally. Formal focus groups are useful in collection of in-depth information. We can learn how well the clinic is known in a specific region and how people are influenced to choose The Mayo Clinic. Health insurance that includes our care as part of their policy does not innately encourage a patient to choose us, in fact one of our studies proved that some insurance holders who had The Mayo Clinic as an included resource had no knowledge of the clinic. Face-to-face interviews with health insurance policy holders revealed the aforementioned. Telephone interviews are effective in certain countries and discounted in others, please refer to

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