Mayo Clinic Case Study Summary

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1. Why would a world-renowned organization, Mayo Clinic, already know for quality embark on a quality improvement journey?
The Mayo Clinic is well known for quality embark. They are very determined in setting a new standard in healthcare by eliminating waste and improving efficacy. The healthcare has changed over the years and so has Mayo. They have put their effort in to quality because their patient was the focus which has made them money in the long run. They were about improvement and transformation. They overtime than had a test done to see if they could reduce the errors made by 50%. They went about in measuring patient safety and health care and found out they can prevent the areas so they need to have improvement in quality to be able to do that.
2. What were the challenges facing Mayo and the role of leadership?
-Mayo Clinic had a challenge of information and knowledge management
-They never felt to make develop practices that were the best to society and stakeholders
-Only considered their patients as their customers
-They put all the leadership towards the patient first, but they found it a challenge to provide hope for the patient and the staff to be able to give them the experience they both wanted
-The improvement they want to implement is bigger than they can handle, this means that everyone will have to work to together to be able to do these improvements.
-They want to make it a better organization, but is hard since they already think it is an amazing
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