Mayo Clinic Research Objectives

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1. Define the research problem and establish research objectives.

Gather the relevant data from secondary or primary sources, or both.
Information is the key component in developing successful international marketing strategies for Mayo Clinic in various countries. Mayo’s International Marketing Department should analyze available secondary information as a useful first step. Information required ranges from the general statistical data to understand target market’s preferences in the healthcare industry to specific market information about media and other efficient means of delivering information to the target market for decisions about promotion.
To find out which countries value the US health care highly and where Mayo Clinic
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Such differ-ences may mean that different research methods should be applied in individual countries. In some cases, the entire research design may have to be different between countries to maximize the comparability of the results. For example, in Latin American countries, it may be difficult to attract consumers to participate in either focus groups or in- depth interviews because of different views about commercial research and the value of their time. And Japanese, compared with American businesspeople, tend not to respond to mail surveys.
Internet is now China, with 111 million users at last count. 39 International Internet use is growing almost twice as fast as American use

For many market estimation problems, particularly in foreign countries that are new to the marketer, expert opinion is advisable. In this method, experts are polled for their opinions about market size and growth rates. Such experts may be the companies’ own sales manag-ers or outside consultants and government offi cials.

Sometimes the information can be bought from trusted research vendors or supplied by internal marketing research staff.

In quantitative research , usually a large number of respondents are asked to reply either verbally or in writing to structured questions using a specifi c response format ( such as yes/ no) or to select a response from a set of choices. Questions are designed to obtain specifi c

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