Mayo Clinic Website Analysis

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To resolve medical issues, a person should reach out to a health professional to figure out the best way to handle their situation. However, it is common for people to utilize the internet to address their medical concerns. Unfortunately, not all websites are legitimate and may display misleading information. I solemnly believe that people should make sure that the website they are accessing is up to date and contains reliable information. A website that I believe to be a good resource is Mayo Clinic; I will further analyze this web page to see if it contains any flaws. According to the Mayo Clinic website, Mayo Clinic is a non-profit organization that has a mission of sharing reliable health information to the public. The organization accepts…show more content…
To my satisfaction, the Mayo Clinic organization has been adding healthcare news articles and magazine publications that have been recently issued this month of January. Considering this website analysis was inspired by how people easily turn to the internet to help resolve their medical issues, I decided to further look into the patient care and health information section of the website. I was impressed to see that each health topic has a publication date and there was nothing that was more than two years old. I also like that the information is organized by subject in alphabetical order; there are sections to explain symptoms, diseases, conditions, medical procedure and drug affects. Another section that I admire from the website is up to date information on health…show more content…
I have previously used Mayo Clinic to research basic health and wellness for academic assignments. Now that I have done this thorough website analysis, I would trust the information on Mayo Clinic for my own health. I would even recommend the website to people who like utilizing the internet to better inform themselves about their health. I came to this conclusion due to the fact that the members of the organization are excellent professionals that review the materials scientific qualifications before posting. The qualities of Mayo Clinic help make it a very trustful
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