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Cole Magee AP Literature Block 2 10/16/2012 The Effects of a Tragic Hero in The Mayor of Casterbridge by: Thomas Hardy Within the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge, Hardy’s main character, Henchard, is displayed as a tragic hero who has started off in a high position but has fallen due to an unacknowledged tragic flaw. Henchard becomes an instrument for the suffering of the women around him, resulting from his ultimate failure to recognize his rash behavior. Henchard’s former wife, love affair, and “daughter” are all mutually unable to coexist with the ever-impulsive tragic hero. At the beginning of Mayor of Casterbridge, Hardy achieves a realistic relationship in which the common man of Hardy’s era is able to make with the lifelike…show more content…
Additionally, it is at the time of Henchard’s pathetic five guinea sale Susan that the common man will recognize that he and Henchard definitely do not see eye-eye anymore. The common man will be able to grasp the fact that the severity of Henchard’s impulsivity is unacceptable. Therefore, although he is initially relatable to the common man, Henchard quickly breaks the noble stature that was initially established by jeopardizing Susan’s life by putting her in the hands of another individual. Again, impulsivity leads to Henchard’s misfortune with his long time love affair, Lucetta. Henchard arrives at Lucetta’s new home and Lucetta’s maid greets him and goes to tell Lucetta that Henchard is looking for her, and Lucetta responds, “’Oh! Then tell him I have a headache I won’t detain him to-day,’” (164). Lucetta avoids Henchard after learning about what happened between him and Susan. Perhaps Lucetta’s instincts took over and told her not to marry Henchard or else she will end up dead similarly to Susan. Lucetta never knew how impulsive Henchard really was until she heard about how Henchard sold Susan. Lucetta most likely recognizes that Henchard is still the same man that sold Susan. Lucetta is able to justify this because Henchard’s até, when Henchard fires the loyal
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