Mayton University Strengths And Weaknesses

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Georgetown University is a prestigious, global based university with over 17,000 students and 1,800 faculty and staff fulfilling its mission to educate the whole student. The university prides itself as "home to a vibrant community of accomplished students, distinguished faculty members and committed professional staff (, 2015)." In addition, GTU provides innovative teaching methods that include traditional face-to-face classrooms with digital display boards and monitors, wired classrooms, print media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and new technology to ensure that students and staff realize GTU's passion for learning across disciplines, campuses and continents (, 2015). These are aligned with GTU's mission and values…show more content…
Based on the four stages of learning and development capability, GTU prides itself in producing outstanding students and recruiting well renowned faculty in his/her respective field of expertise and since its inception, 1789, has maintained consistent formal learning and development activities—this is GTU's forte. However, making use of the enterprise learning process will position GTU to offer sporadic learning activities in addition to formal learning where staff will have access to on demand learning and development at his/her preferred time and place and when most needed. Therefore, it is important to note that Human Resources, Academic Affairs and the learning and development professionals cohesively maintain efficiency at the stage 2 level of the university's learning and development maturity. In other words, although, GTU only list two professional learning and development professionals, its technological capability is well supported and responsive to staff and faculty needs. Consequently, the shortage of learning and development professionals is a key factor in the case study and needs analysis. to compensate for bodies, this proposal suggest integrating social networking technologies that will simulate real life interactivity and…show more content…
The training topics are designed in collaboration with Human Resources and the learning and development professions following Georgetown University’s Mission to support its employees by helping them to do their very best work and fully realize their individual potentials (Georgetown UTD, 2015). The overall GTU mission is to support its employees by helping them do their very best work while fully realizing their potential (Georgetown UTD, 2015). This is evident in the opportunities for learning, which encourages staff to acquire new skills through comprehensive distance and the provisions to ensure access and available of learning
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