Maywood University Mission Statement Analysis

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When I committed to Maywood University I did not have the “Mission statement” in mind, I was not thinking about what their “Core values” were. Honestly, they didn’t even cross my mind once. All I was focused on was that they had my program and it was in commuting distance from where I live. Reflecting back on this diction, when I accepted Marywood University as my school and home away from home, I was also accepted their mission and values. Committing to a college is a big deal and will have a lasting impression on the rest of my life. Coming here I had and had two main goals in mind: a personal goal of developing into the person I will be for the rest of my life by becoming a well-rounded person, and a professional goal of becoming a successful…show more content…
This means that the students that graduate from this university are leaving with not just a degree in their major, but also a well-versed education in many different classifications on knowledge. This broad spectrum of knowledge will not only allow them to succeed in their chosen field, but in life as well. In one of my SLP meetings I had a few weeks ago one of my professors stated that we as SLP’s are nothing without the liberal arts classes. Being responsible for giving people the ability to communicate with the rest of the world is a rewarding gift and you can be really great at it in a professional point of view, but what do people communicate about? How can you as a SLP effectively communicate and connect with the clients without a broad knowledge that the liberal arts classes provide? The answer to this is you can’t. I attend a university that focuses on liberal arts having an impact on you and your education, and because of this when I graduate I will leave as not only a well-rounded SLP, but a well-rounded individual with a mission and a set of values as
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