Mba 510 Problem Statement

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: USA WORLD BANK Problem Solution: USA World Bank University of Phoenix March 7, 2009 Terry Dunning Problem Solution: USA World Bank USA World Bank is a global major bank with branches located nationwide. Usa World Bank enjoys success in several worldwide ventures as well as a large consumer and small business customer base. Most recently USA World Bank has not achieved much success through their new product roll-outs, which is important in that this success allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace. USA World Bank is feeling the pressure to develop a new product in hopes of keeping their current client base as well as gaining interest and attracting new clients. One of the main issues…show more content…
Alternative Solution/Analysis of Alternative Solutions Productive organizations will always have alternative solutions that will allow the organization to accomplish their goals while meeting stakeholder expectations. USA World Bank would not only meet the organizations expectations with their alternative solutions, but also increase profits and gain market share. Introducing two new products: one to the customers (Instant Rewards Credit Card) and to small business owners (Small Business Credit Card) was rated a 5 because it would show that the organization is not only interested in customers but in small business opportunities as well. This would allow the small business clients to feel appreciated knowing that they may not be the bulk of the organization business but a part of the organizations growth and that they add to the organizations probable success. This would also allow the organization to show that they can accommodate both individual customers and small business organizations by providing them with the best customer service and products on the market. The development of a company-wide approach to identify new products was given a 3.00 rating on the scale. Although having a consistent approach is important, it does not increase the overall organization’s

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