Mba 5652 Unit 1 Assignment - Research Proposal Topic

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MBA 5652 Unit 1 Research Proposal Topic Exercise 1 My top ten research topics that I find interesting to pursue are the following: (1) approach for extra ( increase in minimum wage) income and advertising, (2) concussions in football, (3) should transportation security (TSA) regulations be changed ?, (4) should regulations regarding the use of cellular phones while driving be standardized ?, (5) should driving under the influence (DUI) laws be changed ?, (6) concealed guns be permitted in stores, (7) computer forensics, (8) financial crimes, such as embezzlement, (9) cyber terrorism, (10) cyber criminology, internet child pornography. The new approach for extra income appeal to me because as a consequence of the current enhancement…show more content…
G. (2013). Concussions and Football By The Numbers. Clinical Correlations The NYU Langone Online Journal of Medicine , unknown. (b) “The purpose of this investigation was to examine risk patterns of concussion in college football. Multivariate models were used to interpret the data. Specifically, log-linear modeling and analysis techniques were incorporated into the investigation. An average of 49 college teams were studied over the 8 year period 1975 to 1982. This represented over 36,000 athlete-seasons and 395 team-seasons. The data selected were limited to 1,005 game-related concussions. The general hypotheses tested were the null hypothesis that the variables of team (offense and defense), player position, situation (rushing and passing), and activity (block and tackle) had no effect on the occurrence of these game- related concussions. It was found that concussions were a persistent and regular but relatively infrequent type of injury in college football. Concussions accounted for 75% of the total number of injuries on or about the head. The injuries were examined relative to player position, situation, and activity using a log-linear modeling technique, with interactions among the variables also established” (Buckley, 1988, pp. 51-56). Buckley, W. P. (1988). Concussions in college football A multivariate analysis. Am J Sports Med Vol 16 No. 1 , 51-56. Exercise 4

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