Mba Capstone

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MBA 755 (Monday: 18:05 – 21:25) SYLLABUS The Course Instructor Natasha Vijay Munshi, MCS, MBA, PhD Contact details: Office: 260G Rike Hall (Office hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. and by Appointment) Tel: 2720 Email: Aims and Objectives Strategic Management is the theory and practice of making decisions that shape the future of the firm. This course looks at the content and process of strategic decision making from the perspective of managers who are responsible for an entire business unit. These may be individuals who are acting in the capacity of a Chief Executive of a company, divisional General Managers, or departmental heads. It is also the perspective most…show more content…
IN-CLASS GROUP PRESENTATION (10%) The in-class presentations are to determine the groups’ ability to lead a class discussion on the case question(s) assigned (this presentation will be on cases other than your written case). The presentation should be in Powerpoint format and should be emailed to the instructor before the assigned session begins. You will have 30 minutes to do your presentation, followed by a question and answer (Q&A) session (a hard copy of your presentation slides should also be handed to the course instructor at the start of the session). The grade will be based on how well your group communicates the key concepts and ties them to the case details. Furthermore, answering questions enhances your grade, so make sure you have time left over for the Q&A. For the presentation: * Answer ONLY the case question(s) your group was assigned ------------------------------------------------- Groups insufficiently prepared for their presentation will be penalised against this 20%. This is to ensure that the class does not have to carry groups unwilling to put sufficient effort into their preparation. If a team decides to exclude a team member, the team’s decision is final and the individual will have to submit an individual assignment for this part of his or her grade.
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