Mba Case Study Chris Gardner Pursuit of Happiness Essay

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[pic]10SP - MG630 152 Org. Behavior & Leader. 21st (Monday)
June 21, 2010

The story of Chris Gardner, a man with vision, a role model to his son and a classical example of how a homeless man with a child can exert himself from being poor to become one of the most outstanding man who successes, and go above and beyond what people think of him. In describing Chris Gardner personality traits, I would say it consist of the fact that he very aggressive ambitious and loyal to his son. Referring to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, his physiological thirst was become a stock broker to improve his living condition. In providing his child with a safety place to bathe, sleep and eat. Chris knows that he poor therefore, he
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But for Chris he choose to fight the battle and obstacle that he faces from being homeless, to barely having nothing to eat to find a way out for him and his son. His emotional stability is that he doesn’t allow anyone or anything to deter and bring him down. As the saying goes “If there is a way, there is a will”. His ability to with stand stress and face obstacle proven to him that nothing can stop you if you don’t give up. His openness to experience is that he took a chance to ask the men in the red Ferrari what the man does for a living and how he goes about doing it. When the individual reply back, he was amaze and that when he realizes that he took want to make that much money and become a stock broker himself. By being upfront, open minded and curious Chris is able to open himself up to seek the opportunity and go about challenging himself. Some of the core evaluation that applies to Chris would be that he is a Machiavellianism individual. He is aware that becoming a stock broker he needs to separate and maintain his balance emotional distance from personal value and work. Chris knows that in order for him to be in the same level as the guy in the red Ferrari, “he has to prepare to do whatever he needs to get ahead” (pg 112 chapter 4 Personality and Values). With many obstacles that Chris faces he is considered to have a proactive personality in that
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