Mba Curriculum Highpoints & Milestones

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MBA Curriculum Highpoints & Milestones Throughout the two years of my MBA, I was encouraged to put the principles and theories learned to practice. Every course work was relevant to my current job and responsibilities. The topics discussed could not have come at a better time. From the start of my MBA to the end of my MBA, the tools and principles has helped me make great leaps in my career. It has also changed my thought process both personally and professionally.
Course Work Learning Reflections
1. Leadership and Development: Leadership Synthesis-Successful leaders, I learned, need to adjust their leadership style to their working climate. Leaders need to carry a combination of leadership styles such as authoritative, affiliative, collaborative, and coaching style to drive performance. When these leadership styles are used at the right time, right place and right combination, they can help leaders yield optimal results in problem solving. This assignment helped me to understand, that there is no specific leadership style that is better than the other. Depending on the work situation and the climate, optimal results can be obtained if leaders can identify the right leadership style to the right person, at the right time, and for the right situation. Failure to draw the right match can have some drawbacks. However, if leaders can learn from their mistakes and work to improve which leadership style to draw, the skill will slowly become natural (Appendix A).
2. Integrated

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