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Admissions Essay Questions (Graduate): Please thoroughly answer the questions below in an essay with a minimum of 500 words. The admissions committee is looking for the following things: 2-3 paragraphs per question; examples to illustrate your points; correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. The admissions committee looks at these essay questions carefully when considering your application to our programs. If you have any questions about these questions or the application process, please contact your recruiter or the Graduate & Professional Studies department at (800) 995-3199.
1. Describe the most significant position you have held, the responsibilities involved, the knowledge and skills required, and your own estimation of
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In a hospital I.V. room, sterile technique and cautious procedure must be followed in order to prevent the accidental infection of patients. I have created a formal training program each new technician must complete before meeting I.V. room qualification for our pharmacy. I have also devised the curriculum and quizzes for new employees to follow in order to prepare for the pharmacy technician certification exam. This test covers all areas of pharmaceutical work including I.V. technique, drug families, narcotics and pharmaceutical mathematics. Many of our new technicians do not have previous pharmacy experience, and one of the challenges I face is presenting this new pharmaceutical information in a manner in which they can relate and understand. I look forward to the challenge and realize explaining foreign concepts may be a large facet of my future career.

As I look forward to a profession of combining my computer science background with the business capabilities an MBA will provide, I realize explaining technical information may very well be a part of my job description. When explaining new concepts to coworkers, managers or clients, it is important to be able to present the information in more than one light. People have diverse styles of learning and it is necessary to have the ability to adapt to each person's particular style. It is also important to be able to convey a sense of what information is vital
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