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1. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are firms that:
d. All of the above.

2. Which of the following best describes foreign direct investment (FDI)? a. A firm’s direct investment in production and/or service activities abroad.

3. Which of the following best defines “Triad” as the term is used in the text? c. North America, Europe, and Japan.

4. According to the text, the current brand of “global strategy” seems relevant only for MNEs from:
b. The Triad.

5. Emerging economies (or emerging markets): c. A and B above

6. BRIC refers to: e. Brazil, Russia, India, and China 7. Many BRIC local firms are: d. All of the above

Chapter 2

8. Which of the following is NOT true of the
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Which best describes entrepreneurs?
d. All of the above.

38. Which would tend to result in a greater level of entrepreneurship?
e. Lack of threat to incumbents from substitute products/ and services.

39. A potential benefit of an initial public offering (IPO):
a. Can increase firm’s financial stability.

40. Suppose you are an SME with limited financial resources. In view of that, your best choice for entering foreign markets would be: b. Licensing or franchising.

41. In a manufacturing setting, the purchase of the right to use another firm’s proprietary technology is referred to as: b. Licensing.

42. Which of the following best describes Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)?
b. Firm invests directly in production or service activities in another country.

43. “Greenfield ventures” are: c. Wholly owned subsidiaries that are built from scratch in a foreign country.

44. Which of the following involves the most complexity? c. Direct investment.

45. Which normally provides the most control over technology and brand? a. Direct investment.

Chapter 6

46. The differences in formal and informal institutions that govern the rules of the game in different countries include differences.
d. All of the above

47. As firms expand into more countries, they should recognize:
d. All of the above.

48. Organizing firm-specific resources and capabilities as a bundle:
e. Occurs only in domestic markets.

49. Which of the

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