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MBA1 Project Management Assignment 2 MBA Module I Xiangyu Kong, S15 Cohort HAMLINE UNIVERSITY Mar. 25, 2010 School of Business MBA Module I 1. “Lean” and “Six Sigma” readings ● What are the key themes/approaches of Lean and six Sigma, how are they different and how do they each add value? Lean manufacturing satisfies the requirements of customs as possible as they can. It regards the final requirement of customer as basis and emphasizes the balanced flow in order to reduce the flow circle. It also requests the elimination of all the waste happened during the production link as well as the routing…show more content…
It leads the transition during this period of time. There are three basic definitions of Change Management: 1. the categories of Change Management. 2. An area of professional practice. 3. A body of knowledge. Corporate always need to face to the changeable market. Market includes customers, supplier, skill, investor and so many factors, of which may transfer to the requirement for the change management, however, whether well handled the changes especially the significant changes will be the key to the company’s success in the market competition. Meanwhile, the high rate of project failures is also one of the causes. There are many companies can not meet their business objectives because of the fundamental flaws in project planning and inefficient change managerial methods, whereas these failures can be prevented with good practices in Change Management. Therefore, Change Management is needed so much by the present situation. ● What are the objectives of Change Management strategy? What are the different stages of Change Management within a project? The objectives of Change Management Strategy includes building commitment to the system, selling the benefits of the system, managing user expectations and information needs, providing information on available support and

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