Mba, Seminar in Marketing Final Exam.

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MBA, Seminar in marketing final exam.

Dear Student,

Please answer all the following short essay questions, please read them carefully and follow instructions." Open book exam does not mean rewriting what is in the Book"
Your understanding and your thoughts will be put together to make the best answers.
I personally do believe in both your understanding and your thoughts.


The following questions are short essay questions, requiring responses of approximately 500 words each. All questions will be weighted equally.

First question:-
Corantor is a hi-tech global company with a traditionally low profile. Until
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To begin with, the first time customer starts at a low level of relationship and over a period of time, through series of positive interactions with the brand/company, the level of relationship can be increased to a higher level Marketer must have a time bound plan to improve the levels of relationship which the customer enjoys with the company/brand. This will have a direct correlation with the brand value.


Second Question:
Not every product is a Brand. And your company has a lot of products to sell. Tell a success story from inside your company about turning, building, re-launching a brand what are the steps that were used towards this brand, or launch a new brand in to the market. And mention from your point of view and with understanding of the branding cycle what is/are the thing(s) that your company were missing that made this brand failing in the market, and what was the problem, and how did your company do to re-brand or re-launch it and made it a successful brand and be able to compete successfully in the market.

Answer :
Brand Relaunching - A Brand re-building Concept , gsk brand ''Theragran M'' as example

Re-launching a brand means thinking beyond a new design or a new name. It means, "going deeper."
Many a time in marketing, there comes a stage in the life of a brand when it needs to be re-worked and relaunched to take

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