Mbazappos the Company That Is Powered by Customer Service

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The Company That is Powered to WOW Founded in 1999, Zappos started as site that only sold shoes. The idea for the site came to founder Nick Swinmurn in his quest to find the right shoe. Swinmurn couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for in the different stores he visited. The stores either didn’t have his size or the right style and color. After spending hours searching and getting no where he went home shoeless. Swinmurn attempted to shop online for the shoes he wanted. He couldn’t believe there wasn’t a site that offered a huge variety of shoes. This inspired him to create a site that he envisioned that had a big selection of different size, styles and colors of name brand shoes (“In The Beginning - Let There Be Shoes”, n.d.).…show more content…
Hsieh creates and allows fun to take the stress that comes with customer service positions. Even though Zappos doesn’t have the typical working environment, a leader should still stress the important in taking the job seriously to ensure customer retention and great service. If there was decline in the demand of the products Zappos offered occurred at this very moment I think the culture will change just a little. I foresee the leaders of the company trying to hold on to the original culture but the stress of the decline impacting the fun and free work atmosphere. Some leaders will begin to focus solely on the operations of the company and the how to continue to make the company profitable (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhi-Bien, & Hunt, 2012) .Slowly they will all become transactional Leaders rather than transformational leaders focusing on money and not people. The employee would provide wow service and have fun. All that would slowly phase out once the stress from the leaders trickle down to the other staff members. These actions will eventually result in the sales declining and the company being in a bad place financially. If the company response quickly to the decline in the demand the culture could continue to provide expectable wow service to the customer and a great working environment to the employees. In order for this occur the company would have to keep open communication among the leaders and the employees. Zappos would need

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