Mbti Critique

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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was developed in part to offer a form of Jung 's personality type theory that is more coherent and useful in people 's lives. It has become one of the most accepted and widely-used development tools for assessing personality characteristics in non-psychiatric populations. Applications have been made across a broad range of human knowledge, including in areas such as psychotherapy and counseling; education, learning methods, cognitive styles, career counseling, and management and leadership in organizations. Isabel Briggs Myers devoted a great deal of her life to the creation of an instrument that would be valuable to the largest possible population of people, initially designed to facilitate research…show more content…
People use all of the type preferences and processes at various times, and each is appropriate in certain situations. Be that as it may, one 's inborn inclination will predominantly determine which are most used and which will in that case, be best developed. This gives rise to unlimited alternatives, even among people of the same code type. Test Development The MBTI is conceptualized as a psychological instrument to functionally apply an adaptation of Jung 's theory of Psychological Types, which means that they would be attempting to measure the mind to a certain degree. The question then becomes, are the use of mathematics and statistical methods a valid means of measurement for attributes like intelligence or, in this case, personality. The word indicator, rather than test, was probably used in naming the MBTI in order to refrain from connotations of right or wrong, good or bad in completing the instrument. This fits in with Jung 's theory and philosophy that all of the types are good. Structure and Administration The MBTI may be administered in groups or individually. All key instructions are found on the cover of the question booklets, and solutions are marked on answer sheets. The MBTI Accreditation Program is designed to facilitate a standard format of administration, scoring and interpretation by accredited users
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