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"Marketing research is systematic problem analysis, model building and fact-finding for the purpose of improved decision-king and control in the marketing of goods and services." Philip Kotler
Marketing research is to help the company to analyze detailed information about their customers in order to know their market need, size and competition. Through marketing research, companies can analyze the change in the market, customer behavior, buying pattern, the company’s preference, customer satisfaction, and sales trend. The reasons that a company needs to do a marketing research are to develop a new product or to improve the produce. As we as this, companies can use it design their new advertising and promotion. Accurate research is
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This process is the most important process in the research as the results are generated on the basis of data preparation. So it is required for an organization to verify the authenticity of the collected data and edit or correct it if needed. The final data is then segmented according to the business standards and inserted into the CRM database in a more tabulated form so that search or combination could be made easily.

Types of marketing research

There are two different types of marketing research which include primary research and secondary research

Primary research

Primary research is the collection of primary of primary data. It is undertaken in response to a specific marketing need or to solve a problem directly related to an organisation.

The types of primary can be contained by observation or by communication. Communication involves question answering either verbally or writing. For example, telephone interviews, online or face-to-face surveys. Communication method is always cheaper and quicker then observation as the interviewees only need to ask the question that they would like to know from their customer. However, the response might not accurate. For observation, it involves the recording of action and is performed by either a person or some mechanical or electronic device. It is less versatile than communication as some people might not be readily observable such as attitudes, awareness, knowledge
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