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The McDonald’s Restaurant story began in 1954, when a self-employed salesman named Raymond Kroc sold a popular milkshake mixer in Southern California, thus since then the company contains over 30’000 quick-service outlets in 122 countries around the world. As the company began to be a big success around the world, Mr. Urs Hammer, CEO of McDonald’s Switzerland got the green light from the executive board of Chicago to open a Hotel, in Zurich. Hence, the Golden Arch Hotel opened its doors in March 2001.

In this report, an investigation of the different aspect of the hotel will be made in comparison to the case study written by Stephan Michel in 2005. First of all the marketing mix shall be analyzed and explained in
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The aim is to know and understand customers so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself” (Kotler, Bowen, Makens, 2010). Thus, Mr. Hammer, CEO of McDonald’s Switzerland mentioned in the study case, that they had done an analysis to know exactly what the customers wanted in a hotel, thus promotion should have been concentrated on the strong new feature installed within the hotel that none other hotel would have, “The internet keyboard is wireless, very advanced for summer 2001, mentioned Nancy Stephens a professor from Arizona.

The Golden Arch hotel was located a few kilometers away from the Airport and close to the highway (autobahn). The location was ideal and strategic for an airport hotel. But they were not the only one to find the location attractive, as big competitors such as; Mövenpick and Novotel established themselves there. This was then very hard for Golden Arch to compete with these big hotel chains! The location was an extremely important aspect of Golden Arch success.

People is one of the extended part of the 7 p’s Marketing Mix, a person is anyone that will interact directly with the buyer, some would debate that it is the most important aspect of an organization. Therefore if we take a look at the “Golden Arch Hotel” we refer to the employees, so the people directly in contact with the customers.
In accordance with the McDonald’s restaurant philosophy, the hotel crew would
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