Mc Donald's and the 4 Ps

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Abstract In the paper there will be a discussion about a fortune 500 company that is in the service industry. The company that was chosen is McDonalds’. There will be a discussion about the main line of business for McDonalds’. There will be a list of four countries that McDonalds’ operates in along with the four Ps of marketing that McDonalds operates by. Lastly there will be a discussion about the differences in the implementation of the four Ps marketing mix when it comes to different countries. Introduction "Welcome to McDonald 's May I take your order?" This is a very kind saying that might sound familiar to a lot of consumers, who go to fast food restaurants frequently.…show more content…
The intangible things are things like the image of the offering and this includes the images of the McDonald’s corporation which are the ones making the offerings to their consumers, along with the Physiological parts of pricing (What Makes McDonalds, 2012).Price-The price is what the consumer pays. It includes direct and indirect costs as well as opportunity costs. The benefits of the product for the consumers have to be big enough to make the product worth the price. Price includes all costs that are connected with the product, service or program. Place- The place is where the customer receives the product, service or program. The place of delivery, including all of its resources, is part of what the customer buys (What Makes McDonalds, 2012). A place that meets the customer’s needs and wants better might be worth more. The place might be in a mall a gas station or a shopping center. The company has had to determine how much their targeted market is willing to pay for their pleasant eating environment (What Makes McDonalds, 2012). Promotion- Promotion has to do with all of the kinds of communication that McDonald’s utilizes in order to convey the benefits to their customers about what they are offering to them. McDonald’s goal has been to convince their customers to see the value in their product and that their product is specially designed to meet or exceed their

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