McBastards: McDonald's and Globalization," By Paul Feine

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RUIZ � PAGE * MERGEFORMAT �7� Emmanuel Ruiz Ms. Rains English 101 UNIT 3 April 2, 2010 MCBASTARDS Does one honestly think McDonald's is the company to blame for America's obesity? As narrator Paul Feine shows different perspectives of how McDonalds is viewed from different countries, one can decide who is to blame. The author, Paul Fiene, starts of his article with a personal experience of his own. While on a trip to Paris with his family, he encounters an angry French man who evidently despises McDonalds. After Feine summarized the whole Paris vacation, Feine then talks about how McDonalds, as a company, is viewed badly by the whole world. Right after that he hits the readers with tons of statistics and anti-McDonalds websites…show more content…
Not too many people can compare McDonalds with the Cigarette companies. Fiene is comparing the fact that the cigarette companies were targeting young kids with their Cool Joe Camel commercials from the mid to late 90's. Ethos is when an author uses credibility and authority to persuade you in to believe what he is stating. Feine does this by referring to reliable resources such as the book, Golden Arches East by James Watson and by Reason Magazine, Nick Gillespie. He also uses an anti McDonald's website called, McSpotlight. By using these references, he establishes authority in the writing. These references help to advance his credibility in his article. Because of his credibility, the readers know that this author can be acknowledged. Not only does Feine use references, but also statistics and facts, as well. In this article, Feine mentions how 43 percent of the world's fast food market is controlled by McDonalds, thus advancing his credibility even more by stating a statistic. Logos refers to logic, in other words logos is used for reasoning to persuade in an argument. Feine says, even though people demonize McDonalds, It has its upsides to them. Throughout the article, Feine gives example of this like when he

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