McCarthyism aka The Red Scare in Herblock's The Crucible

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“Loose lips sink ships”, was a popular term coined in the early 1940’s to suppress communism. This quote along with many other movies, books, art and music, have come out of that time to show the effect of McCarthyism aka “The Red Scare”. Herblock a political cartoonist and Arthur Miller the author of “The Crucible” both had a large impact on people’s intake of McCarthyism. There are similarities and differences between Herblock and Miller and the way they went about telling the story of McCarthyism. But they both expressed through different mediums how harmful the effects of McCarthyism left on the nation. The differences between them are detailed within their work and the similarities are they both realized one person was in charge but had not a lot of power and another person with the actual power. And they both realized the fake evidence that Senator McCarthy was giving out and related that fact into their form of art.
One of the similarities between Herblock and Miller is they both show one person in charge but with supposed power and another character with actual person with the actual power. Herblock shows this in a political cartoon called “Have a care, Sir”. This cartoon shows Senator Joe McCarthy holding a butchers knife confronting a scared President Eisenhower. The President has a sword sheath but in place of a knife he pulls out a feather. This cartoon shows that even though the President is realistically the man with power he is powerless in this situation

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