McCarthyism and Documents of History

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During the times of McCarthyism the House Committee on Un-American Activities employed barbaric and “Un-American” techniques that would characterize the American law system as an extinguisher of American civil liberties; during this exploration we will be examining a brief history of McCarthyism and a few documents from this time period. Initially, we will be traversing the history from pre-McCarthyism on into the times of McCarthyism. Following, we will be evaluating three documents from the times of McCarthyism: a letter to the House Committee on Un-American Activities, a reflection on the times of McCarthyism, and a political cartoon. The breeding grounds for McCarthyism developed in a time when the world's two friendly alphas found it in their best interests to compete for the love and resolve of mother Earth. Initially, during World War Two the United States and the Soviet Union put their philosophies aside and formed a crucial alliance to asphyxiate Nazi inhumane hostility and expansion (Hewitt & Lawson, 745). In contrast, Post World War Two, September 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union had emerged as the worlds superpowers but the previous alliance hastily deteriorated resulting in a “peace time” war that came to be know as the Cold War; the Cold War predominately didn't take position on the battle field; instead the Cold War was a conflict over philosophies of how society should be conducted and was a war of military buildup, and establishing economic
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