Essay on McDonald’s: Just Say No

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“Buda-bup-bup-bup, I’m Lovin’ It!” Once you hear this noise: hide. All too commonly, Americans have traded in their beloved home cooking for the fast-food restaurant called McDonald’s; partly because of its swift delivery, but mainly because they are everywhere. In the small town of Claremore, Oklahoma (with a population of only 18,000), there are two: the convenient café and the “Oh my gosh they screwed it up again!” eatery. These tantalizing restaurants are illustrious for their massive amounts of calories and fat in each addicting bite, and have been serving the now-suspecting public for 71 years. In response to obesity trends in western nations and in the face of criticism over the healthiness of its products, the company has modified…show more content…
In 2004, an independent filmmaker named Morgan Spurlock created the documentary “Super-Size Me,” which followed and recorded Morgan as he ate strictly McDonald’s food for exactly one month to let the public finally observe the true consequences of eating this horrendous chow. By the end of the precarious test, Morgan had gained twenty-four and a half pounds of fat, a thirteen percent body mass increase, and a cholesterol level of 230. Also, he experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation to his liver. It took him fourteen months to lose the weight gained from his experiment. So, by replacing McDonald’s with a restaurant that is recognized for its healthier menu, you could not only lose weight and indulge yourself in a fit lifestyle, but also lose the addiction to the substantial amounts of Monosodiumglutemate (MSG) and aid the new norm that is spreading across our fat state. In order to understand what subliminal messaging is and how it works, you must know the difference between your subconscious and conscious. The conscious mind is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. Whereas, the subconscious mind is the part of your mind responsible for all of your involuntary actions like emotions, breathing rate, and is the storage room of all your beliefs and memories. Just as malls use
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