Essay about McDonald's Unhealthy Food Spreading Internationally

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This paper will address the American restaurant McDonald’s. Many aspects will be examined, including its history, trip overseas, and menu variations. McDonald’s reception in Japan, China, the United Kingdom, and France will be addressed as well. Feeding the world with speedy and reliable food comes with great nutritional consequences, as will be elaborated herein. Fishwick (1995) talks about the history of McDonald’s. The McDonald brothers opened a small drive-in in 1937 and a larger one in 1948. Upon Ray Kroc’s visit to McDonald’s to sell milkshake mixers, he bought the store. McDonald’s wanted to have clean, welcoming restaurants. McDonald’s became more popular in the 50s and 60s. Couples moved to the suburbs with their young…show more content…
In Athens, one can see marble columns on his or her way in to buy fries (Fishwick, 1995). In Bucharest, a former train station now sells happy meals instead of tickets (Fishwick, 1995). People are often uneasy with the unknown. If a McDonald’s from Alabama dropped into Indonesia, the residents would probably be weary. Adopting local design styles makes the store seems a little less foreign. Architecture is not the only thing for which they make concessions. After McDonald’s has established itself in an area, the menu sometimes alters. With Ronald, many eat “Spicy Wings (red-pepper-laced chicken) in Beijing, kosher Big Macs (minus the cheese) in Jerusalem, vegetable McNuggets in New Delhi, or a McHuevo (a burger with fried egg) in Montevideo” (Watson, 2000:122). In the Netherlands traditional favorites of applesauce and fried chicken cakes are offered (Fishwick, 1995). In Holland the menu tweaking was as simple as replacing ketchup with mayonnaise (DeBres, 2005). Many European countries have more beverage options than milkshakes or Coke. In France wine is offered; in Germany the option is beer, and the English can order tea (DeBres, 2005). This flexibility contributes to customers’ comfort while visiting a foreign restaurant, which in turn can lead to customer loyalty and respect. There are many fast food places in Japan. McDonald’s competes with those offering traditional foods like sushi and soba (Traphagan and Brown, 2002).
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