McDonald's Worldwide Revitalization Plan

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Abstract: The focus of this paper is on McDonald's worldwide revitalization plan that was launched in 2003 and turned the company around and re-focused on management and customer strategies, business disciplines and global alignment. Jim Skinner, upon becoming CEO of McDonald's in 2004, set three top priorities for his leadership style: long-term sustainable growth for the company; talent management and leadership development. The paper will seek to give answers to the following questions: What management style is being used and how it is applied on the employees? How did McDonald's (MCD) overcome the ups and downs based on seasons or swings in the economy, and made impressive gains even in a sagging economy? How is the company maintaining its goals in branches overseas? Answering these questions will help developing a better understanding of how to manage a company successfully even in times of economic crisis. Jim Skinner and his "back-to-basics management strategy": It seems to me that the highly successful revitalization of MCD that took place under the leadership of CEO Jim Skinner first all has to do with his vision of a "back-to-basics management strategy" the Plan to Win with a focus on growth through increasing sales at existent stores rather than by opening new locations (Kowitt 2011, p. 2). When Skinner, 64, took over as CEO in 2004, the company faced the most serious crisis in its 57 year history. MCD had to announce the first quarterly loss since its founding
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