McDonald’s vs. Burger King Essay

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Unlimited, endless, fast food choices, and yet there are two that stand out above the rest. McDonald’s and Burger King are the two biggest burger fast food chains in the world. So let me ask you this, who has a better menu? Who’s Cheaper? And which one is healthier? This debate will once and for all come to an end, once all of these points have been met throughout my paper. McDonald’s vs. Burger King has been a long running argument. You will finally come to realize that McDonald’s is the better choice for you. When you think of McDonald’s or Burger King you probably think of the Big Mac and the Whopper because they are their most famous sandwiches. “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed …show more content…
McDonald’s and Burger King both offer kids meals, but McDonald’s however has more appealing options. These options range from food and drink items, to the packaging they come in. Many times McDonald’s relates their toys to “the latest big movie or a popular television show” (DePietro, 2010). This could vary depending on the restaurants location. Burger King has 11,100 locations worldwide where McDonald’s has over 30,000 locations (Brantley, 2007). Because there are so many Burger King’s and McDonald’s around the world, the toys are sure to vary depending on the most popular movie and television show out in that country. Although there is one thing that really separates these two kids’ meals from each other, and that’s the price. A Burger King Kids meal can cost as high as $5.00 depending on your location. Whereas the McDonald’s happy meal will cost you up to $3.00. Cost is really one of the biggest differences between these two franchises. Aside from both places offering the dollar menu, their overall pricing on other items, is very different. A McDonald’s value meal can cost up to $4.00, whereas Burger King’s value meals can cost up to $6.00! Saving a few bucks by going to McDonald’s sounds a lot better than spending unnecessary amounts of money at Burger King. Just by looking at the sales difference between the two, you can see that people would agree. In 2009, Burger King’s profit dropped 10% in its second quarter, while McDonald’s sales grew a solid

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