McFit Marketing Strategy Plan Essay

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McFit Marketing Strategy Plan
December 19, 2012

Selling protein shakes is a very viable business in today’s day and age due to many individuals becoming more health conscious. In the effort to live healthier lifestyles as it pertains to an individual’s diet, it is important to be consistent with incorporating the proper nutrients, vitamins, and protein. One problem that is evident when it comes to eating healthy is the time that it takes to prepare meals that are balanced and healthy. Recently McDonalds have begun to make healthier options
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* If you were able to easily recognize healthy options for your children, would you be more likely to order those options? * If you were diabetic, lactose intolerant, or suffered from a gluten allergy or condition would you dine more often at McDonald’s if you could recognize quickly the options available for you?
Marketing Strategy
McDonald is one of the largest fast food chains in the world serving over 68 million customers in 119 countries daily (McDonald's, 2012). However, a substantial market is overlooked: health conscience people. Today more consumers are aware of the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and tend to avoid fast food, while others are required to follow strict diet guidelines. In an effort to reach all clients, McDonald’s is proposing to offer freshly made Muscle Milk Protein shakes. The shakes would be made to order so patrons could drive through and order the ingredients preferred, such as milk instead of water or vanilla instead of chocolate. Selling protein shakes at McDonald’s is a very viable solution to reaching busy active individuals, vegetarians, and those recovering from illness or injury (LiveStrong, 2012). The need for healthy food with fast food convenience exists, and offering Muscle Milk will suit the needs of those individuals wanting more protein,
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