McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y

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McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y Introduction Human beings have been studied systematically and objectively for many years to determine if they are resistant to work or self-governing. In addition, managers who tend to utilize McGregor’s Theory X generally receive poor results from their employees. This report essay will address McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y in contrasts to include how these theories benefit the criminal justice system. The sections that will be discussed are: Theory X, Theory Y, Behavioral Management Theories and conclusion. McGregor’s Theory X According to McGregor’s Theory X, it can best be described as employees who have issues with taking responsibility to go to work with the desire to work and who are…show more content…
This tends to help boosts the moral in the work place and brings about positive results. Frederick Herzberg developed a list of factors based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, that’s more related to work. This theory is called the two-factor theory and is also called the motivation-hygiene theory. (Robbins, p.205) According to Herzberg the hygiene factors are considered to be the dissatisfiers and the motivators are the satisfiers. These factors are taken totally from the work environment and feeds off the other. If there are no dissatisfiers present in the job then satisfiers cannot be utilized. For an example: John Doe is not happy with his current salary, status or job security which causes him to be negative in the work place. The satisfier (motivator) is then set in place to invigorate the employee towards advancements, achievements or growth. In addition, Elaine Rogers a columnist for Tweak Your Biz wrote a blog referencing the Theories X and Y. Human nature, beliefs and values seems to be valid in regards to the work place and appears to be more relevant now than during the previous years because leadership is now more empowering over employees, clients, colleagues and peers and the management is becoming more examined. (Rogers, 2012) Ms. Rogers gathered by Ms. Rogers indicated that Abraham Maslow based his findings on the basic human needs which evolved around the expressiveness and capabilities of people.

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