Mcbride Financial Services

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McBride Financial Services CMGT 410/Project Building and Implementation August 2, 2010 McBride Financial Services McBride Financial Services is a start-up mortgage company. They specialize in offering their customers low cost mortgage services at a fixed price. Their target group will include professionals and retirees purchasing their first home or secondary home, and individuals or families purchasing recreational properties (Apollo, 2005, 2007). McBride Financial Services will be starting with the Sioux Falls office to implement a LAN system, which includes the equipment and software installation. Background McBride Financial Services is a new financial lender with the main headquarters in Boise, Idaho. McBride…show more content…
The stakeholders have also have also decided on a $200,000 budget. This is a realistic goal; however there are some risks involved in the process. One risk that may be incurred is that one or more personnel may leave the project for one reason or another. There shall be a “pool” of qualified contract project professionals, on stand-by, just in case this happens. Another risk that may possibly happen is the lack of resources. There will be a process put in place to contact appropriate personnel should resources, such as, equipment, monies, personnel, etc. run short. Mission and Goals of Project The mission of this project is to install a complete LAN system at the Sioux Falls office for McBride Financial Services. The project plan must define the mission and goals of the project to accomplish this. The mission includes the development and integration of McBride Financial Services Sioux Falls office LAN system with the main office. The new system will allow McBride’s customers and brokers to apply for loans and to monitor the application process. The use of this system will allow for a real-time view of the process. Stakeholders will have several goals to fulfill to accomplish this mission. The goals will allow the stakeholders to complete the project on time, within budget, and with few problems, while providing milestones for a successful project. These goals are: 1. The use of a new system. 2. A user-friendly GUI interface; all employees will
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