Mcbride Financial: Web Site Review Essay

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Executive Summary

At the request of Mr. Hugh McBride, service request SR-mf-001 was opened for a design to be created in order to improve and enhance the current Internet web site for McBride Financial Services. The Web site will be vital for McBride's success. The company will ensure operating expenses are low by employing only a few brokers and one support person in each office. We will depend upon the company Web site and self-serve kiosks located in the offices to educate customers about the various loans that are available. Also, we will count on these mediums to sell those customers on the McBride Company for their initial and subsequent loan purchases. The majority of our advertising will be directing potential customers to our
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The first step will be to make sure the website is fine tuned for search engine optimization. Once this has been accomplished, the use of Google Syndications and click stream marketing will bring additional customers to the site. Once these features are intergraded to the site, the newly designed website and the competitive interest rates should hook consumers.
The advertisement base will be for the United States, the database for interest rates will include all the appropriate rates for the entire country. The marketing campaign will be ranged from the first time home buyer, to investors, to retirees.
In closing, an effective web site is an extension of the company. The face McBride presents in the online community will be a direct representation and reflection of the company's inner workings. The design that has been presented by Team B focuses on the business goals of increasing profits, turning visitors into customers, increasing sales, decreasing operational costs, increasing traffic, and providing exceptional customer service.

McBride Financial: Web Site Review Objectives McBride's main customer focus will be directed towards their Internet presence. The goal of this service request will be to design, implement, and manage McBride's website to meet the growing needs of their corporation. By focusing on a well designed webpage, the needs of the

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